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Group Purpose

The Open Access Management Task Force will:

  1. Investigate how best to manage OA resource activation across the UC Libraries system;

  2. Develop a systemwide standard practice of how and when OA resources are included in UC Library Search; and

  3. Conduct a review of current UC Libraries documents outlining the policies and procedures for shared cataloging, linking and management; recommend proposed revisions.


Group Membership

  • Christopher Thomas, UCLA

  • Cynthia Johnson, UC Irvine

  • Erica Zhang, UCLA

  • Jo Anne Newyear Ramirez, UC Berkeley

  • John Riemer, UCLA

  • Kerry Scott, UC Santa Cruz

  • Lisa Mackinder, CDL

  • Rebecca Culbertson, UC San Diego

  • Tamara Pilko, UC Santa Cruz

  • Tiffany Moxham, UC Riverside

  • Sarah Troy, UC Santa Cruz, DOC Liaison

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