NZ CDL data cleanup project

This page links out to CDL clean-up project spreadsheets from the migrated data sources (SCP/P2E, 360, and SFX), and by respective CDL teams. This spreadsheets may be consulted by campuses to ascertain shifts in e-inventory.


Presentation from Adriana Moran (CDL Collections)

  1. Too Many Participants (377)

  2. Needs Collection Identified and Activated (151)

  3. Verify ALMA Activated Collections (170)

  4. Confirm we should track resource (186)

  5. 360 ERMS with Zero Titles but Selective Package (127)

  6. Check Title List (343)


key (collection may be CZ or non-CZ ('local') as appropriate):

360 DB name: Purple color indicates collection is ready for P2E to move

NZ Collection ID: Purple color indicates the P2E portfolios have moved into collections

Database/Collection Suppressed Records

Status of CDL NZ Records

  • Key (the Google sheet has seven worksheets listed below. Process: CDLA focuses on the list CZSuppressed (837 entries, only one db AP Image). SCP reviews/updates collection level URL and adds public note for collections listed in NZ(SCP)Bib. The goal is to focus on the lists CZSuppressed and NoBib first, then the CZunSuppressed. Once reviewed and confirmed by CDLA, SCP will match the collections with OCLC records to replace CZ bib records, then move these collections either to NZ(SCP)Bib or NoNeed&Inactive)

    • CZSuppressed

    • Free-OA(CZSuppressed)-Free/OA collections for SCP to verify (66 entries)

    • Hold(CZSuppressed)-multipart collections (417 entries)

    • NoBib 

    • CZunSuppressed 

    • NZ(SCP)Bib

    • NoNeed&Inactive


AEFG Decision Pages:

System dependency:

ExL answer about ‘suppressed collection record (for collections with inventory)' (on Basecamp)

relevant snippet from Basecamp thread:

Oct 23, 2020: “Also, speaking of migrated electronic collections where type is "Database." 
Since Databases do not contain a Service or any Portfolios, it is important  that the associated descriptive bib records are published in order for them to be discoverable in Primo.  This does not apply to descriptive bib records for Aggregator or Selective collections which are typically suppressed.  When I was researching your question, I noticed that electronic collections of the type "Database" migrated as suppressed.  There is planned development to migrate electronic collections of the type "Database" an unsuppressed but I don't have a date yet.” [emphasis added]

Note: Mentioned planned development does not yet have a date as of 9/24/2021.