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Group Purpose

The Intercampus Resource Sharing Operations Subteam will seek a coordinated, systemwide approach to systemwide discovery, as appropriate and in alignment with the SILS principles. The subteam will consider and address areas of overlap and shared policy/practice concerns across fulfillment and intercampus resource sharing. The subteam will develop and maintain UC-wide policies, practices and applicable workflows to create consistency and efficiency at the local and systemwide levels.

Group Membership

  • Kristen Van Vliet, UC Berkeley (chair)

  • Jason Newborn, UC Davis

  • Linda Michelle Weinberger, UC Irvine

  • Alicia Amador, UC Los Angeles 

  • Demitra Borrero, UC Merced 

  • Sabrina Simmons, UC Riverside 

  • Judea D’Arnaud, UC San Diego 

  • Ryan White, UC San Francisco 

  • Helena Gagnon, UC Santa Barbara

  • Dawson Kelly, UC Santa Cruz

  • Alison Ray , California Digital Library


Wednesdays (except third Wednesdays), 10:00-10:50am


How to contact RS OST

email: SILS-RS-L [at]

For cohort members:
confluence team: RS OST
slack channel: #rs

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