RS Analytics PT, 2023 Schedule C Alma portion

In the Alma Analytics module, the following templates have been placed in the Design Analytics/Catalog/Shared Folders/Community/Reports/Consortia/UCS/ILL and Resource Sharing/2023 Schedule C Templates/ folder:

  • RS A PT schedule C report (physical lending)

  • RS A PT schedule C borrow report (by borrower)

Running these in your IZ will show data for your institution. If you wish to make edits, please copy the template to your IZ or your personal Analytics folder (do not make edits to the template in the shared folder).

The digital lending numbers cannot be run in IZ Analytics due to issues with anonymization and the AFN. Digital lending numbers were derived from digital borrowing numbers in the NZ Analytics by the SILS Ops Center and placed in a GDrive folder, both in an unsorted gsheet and a gsheet sorted by lender. To get access to this folder contact your campus’s RS OST representative.:


Questions? Contact RS OST sils-rs-l [@]


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RS OST sils-rs-l [@] ;

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Sep 6, 2023


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