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Set up needed statistical reports for Alma data in Alma analytics.

Phase 2: Investigate & (possibly recommend implement) Alma user statistical categories to close digital lending information gap

Completed Nov 1, 2022: Phase 1: Alma AFN report to support UCOP schedule C stats


(members who have access to design analytics role in Alma; consult with campus (on the ground) ILL staff; project ‘leader’ to shepherd project & checking with rs ost sc with problems; coord. exl sf cases and/or other relationship aspect)

@Linda Michelle Weinberger , Irvine

@Scott Hathaway , Santa Barbara

@Sabrina Simmons , Riverside

@Patrick SHANNON (Unlicensed) , Berkeley

@Alison Ray (CDL) , CDL

@Peter Devine ,San Diego, project lead

Dawson Kelly, Santa Cruz, guest spot

Aylin Medrano, Los Angeles, guest spot

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