2022-10-26 RS OST meeting notes


  • @Patrick SHANNON (Unlicensed) , UC Berkeley

  • @Jason Newborn , UC Davis (vice chair)

  • @Linda Michelle Weinberger , UC Irvine

  • @Amador, Alicia , UC Los Angeles

  • @Demitra Borrero (Demitra Borrero), UC Merced;

  • @Mallory DeBartolo (Unlicensed) , UC Santa Cruz, note taker;

  • @Ryan White , UC San Francisco

  • @Alison Ray (CDL) , California Digital Library (chair)

  • guests: Dawson Kelly, Santa Cruz (RS A PT); Aylin Medrano, Los Angeles (RS A PT)

  • regrets: @Peter Devine , UC San Diego, @Scott Hathaway , UC Santa Barbara; @Sabrina Simmons , UC Riverside


Desired Outcome







Desired Outcome







record meeting

make sure Alison records meeting





RS Analytics PT: preview/approve templates for alma schedule c support

get approval of templates from rest of RS OST (Davis, LA, Merced, Santa Cruz, San Francisco)



Lending: Physical

(Design Analytics/Catalog/Shared Folders/Community/Reports/Consortia/UCS/ILL and Resource Sharing: RS A PT schedule C report (physical lending)

Borrowing: Physical/Digital

(Design Analytics/Catalog/Shared Folders/Community/Reports/Consortia/UCS/ILL and Resource Sharing: RS A PT schedule C borrow report (by borrower)

Both reports use a “bin” (SQL function) to group the appropriate date options into one Fiscal Year label

borrowing looks good

lending goods (other than rlfs missing)

TODO: get RLFs into lending:physical report @Alison Ray (CDL) try getting RLFs into Oct 26, 2022

RS A PT: schedule C Alma support, communication

Decide on how access to files for Lending:Digital should be done (in case there is no clear ‘winner')





Lending: Digital

(SILSOpsCenter put in Google drive )

Assuming these reports are good/approved, how to distribute? There was a poll that didn’t produce a clear winner but we will just have RS-OST reps responsible for distributing to their own campus people despite Mallory complaining about that


TODO: get RLFs into lending:digital report extracts @Alison Ray (CDL) try getting RLFs into Oct 26, 2022

Alma (Primo?) Feature releases; see email from Mallory 10/18/22

decide what we should do…

Release Notes



What should we do?

  • Resolved issues - Have a standing agenda item for the first OST meeting of the month to eyeball the resolved issues.

  • Feature releases - These deserve more attention but I’m not sure exactly how to detail what that should look like. Is a standing agenda item the solution? Is it everyone’s responsibility to review and then bring the interesting tidbits to the meeting to figure out who will test what?

UCI does talk about feature releases and resolved issues locally.

Since releases are quarterly it may be feasible to take up one meeting on a quarterly basis.

Do we do Alma AND Primo or just Alma?

  • Start with just Alma for now

  1. try out a resolved issues discussion & a feature release discussion & see how it goes
@Alison Ray (CDL) Aim to discuss Alma Feature release on Jan 25th RS OST meeting Jan 19, 2023
@Alison Ray (CDL) Nov 17, 2022 discuss Alma resolved issues on Nov 30 RS OST meeting



Tipasa API discussion with OCLC; Recording of Tipasa API discussion; UC-only notes from Tipasa API Discussion

heads up: review/discussion about potential ‘gaps’ in Alma/Tipasa integration either for Nov 2 or Nov 9



upcoming from OCLC: page describing what they perceive to be potential gaps in Alma/Tipasa integration

Above is being done because OCLC seems to think that some of the standard integrations between Tipasa and Alma won’t meet our needs.

If development is necessary it’ll affect our migration timeline.

(that’s a red flag)




Draft of Tipasa as last resort (borrowing Alma request → Tipasa)

review configuration instructions & test ideas

Which Tipasa piloters want to test? (potentially use upcoming RS OST meeting for test)


Tipasa Piloters


  1. skip item, depends on ‘gap’ document from OCLC



Call for volunteers for “AFN Protocols and Procedures Project” with F OST

interest/availability/questions about request for participation with joint project



See email to joint list from Ernesto

  • Streamline policies, procedures, and best practices for AFN lending & borrowing institutions to expeditiously address, communicate, and resolve fulfillment questions, issues, and discrepancies.

  • Working draft of the AFN protocols and procedures can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gNy67PbyVvSw7wPY177mGOkriv4i7w_h/edit#gid=915265881

  • A subteam composed of 1-2 RS OST  & 2 F OST members

  • Meet 2-3 times per month or as needed and consult with the larger RS OST & F OST cohorts

  • Estimated time of completion: December 2022 – March 2023.













Wrap up

Review actions and decisions





next meeting:

what needs do we have for tipasa patron interface ( Oct 26, 2022 )

Update on UC/OCLC API discussion


Bike Rack

Capture important topics for future discussion



‘pu anywhere exceptions’: review shared messages, what would be next steps
metrics on how often ‘pu anywhere’ requests have to be changed to home campus (Jason) → may lead to: editing pu loc for this requests → may lead to: harmonizing bookbands

is the “randomized” part of the rota building actually randomizing things? Jason has a hunch that within the geographical groups it’s creating them alphabetically. (discovered in reviewing schedule c report)

RLF requests sticking at B/LA when RLF can’t fill, identify what’s happening, what could be done to ease this problem Sep 7, 2022

NRLF/SRLF rejected stuck at B/LA follow up: SH’s ‘guide’; test with what B/LA see; more escalation with ExL (scott, Mallory, Jason, patrick)

ExL’s solicitation to “contribute to the Resource Sharing Directory”. Kind of a huge thing that we should think about? (Mallory)












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