2022-07-27 RS OST meeting notes


  • @Patrick SHANNON (Unlicensed) , UC Berkeley

  • @Jason Newborn , UC Davis (vice chair)

  • @Linda Michelle Weinberger , UC Irvine

  • @Sandra Farfan-Gracia , UC Los Angeles

  • @Demitra Borrero (Demitra Borrero), UC Merced

  • @Scott Hathaway , UC Santa Barbara

  • @Mallory DeBartolo (Unlicensed) , UC Santa Cruz, note taker

  • @Peter Devine , UC San Diego

  • @Sabrina Simmons , UC Riverside

  • @Ryan White , UC San Francisco

  • @Alison Ray (CDL) , California Digital Library (chair)

  • regrets:


Desired Outcome







Desired Outcome







record meeting

make sure Alison records meeting





RS Analytics: borrowing report template preview

preview & get feedback on borrowing report


RS Analytics subteam

review criteria & results

question: report currently separated by borrower institution, any sites need libraries split out (eg: law library split from other libraries)?

Linda Michelle is submitting a case to ExL to see if we can divide this report by borrowing library (rather than institution) at each campus

Report Criteria:

Status = Deleted or Request Completed

Lending institution = UC lenders

Borrowing Creation Fiscal Year limited to 2022

Report (“RS A PT schedule C borrow report (by borrower)”) can be found: Catalog > Shared Folders > University of CA System 01UCS_NETWORK > Reports > ILL and Resource Sharing > RS A PT schedule C borrow report (by borrower)

Discussion: is the “randomized” part of the rota building actually randomizing things? Jason has a hunch that within the geographical groups it’s creating them alphabetically.


All - do a gut check on the total numbers. Do the overall borrowing numbers look similar to pre-Covid/pre-AFN times.


@Alison Ray (CDL) - put the schedule c borrowing report in the GdriveJul 28, 2022

OCLC Tipasa meeting follow up (link is UC only)

which option?

what timing?

what participants?



  1. Option: Live tipasa layer on wsill for some (“turning on asset”)

  2. Option: ‘sb’ sandbox symbols for tiapsa wsill (to connect with alma/primo sb)

Question: if we did the sandbox option would we have to create an account for each staff person or shared account for all testing staff?

Are there limitations to what we can do in the sandbox?

Concern with live layer - what impact does it have with integrations on our live requests? To test integration points between Alma and Tipasa you would have to break the established integration points between Alma and VDX. So you can’t really have both going at once.

Is there anyone we can talk to about their migration experience from VDX → Tipasa? Not really. Not anyone using the AFN like we do.

How much effort would it take to switch between the two systems at our integration points? Will we potentially lose live requests if we do this?

Primary issue to test is that our requests go from Alma to Tipasa in complete form.

Would OCLC go for some campuses doing the sandbox and others doing a live layer?

  1. ask OCLC for sbs now; say we want to switch or add live in dec 2022
  2. sb testers: R, D, B, SB, SD, LA, I
  3. live environ testers: D, SD, B, SB, I, LA, SF
@Alison Ray (CDL) pose question about OCLC trial about sb AND live, switch from sb to live later? Aug 1, 2022

Wrap up

Review actions and decisions







Parking Lot

Capture important topics for future discussion



‘pu anywhere exceptions’: review shared messages, what would be next steps
metrics on how often ‘pu anywhere’ requests have to be changed to home campus (Jason) → may lead to: editing pu loc for this requests → may lead to: harmonizing bookbands

Why do some digitization requests go to the “Digitization Dept for Institution” queue? It means they can’t get filled in Alma and then get kicked out to VDX - see 4/6/22 meeting notes for more info. (Scott)

(item 5 of )Page entries on the Resource Sharing form are only sent when enumeration fields are populated with information (Jason)

special collections ‘special case’ uses falling into VDX: unclear how to fill this need within SILS architecture (should this use case get added to work plan?) (Alison/Jason)

OCLC Real Time Availability - I’m interested but haven’t looked into this in any real way, anyone else interested? Would we need to do this as a group or can we do it individually? (Mallory)

is the “randomized” part of the rota building actually randomizing things? Jason has a hunch that within the geographical groups it’s creating them alphabetically. (discovered in reviewing schedule c report)












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