2022-10-05 RS OST meeting notes


  • @Patrick SHANNON (Unlicensed) , UC Berkeley

  • @Jason Newborn , UC Davis (vice chair)

  • @Linda Michelle Weinberger , UC Irvine

  • @Amador, Alicia , UC Los Angeles

  • , @Demitra Borrero (Demitra Borrero), UC Merced

  • @Sabrina Simmons , UC Riverside

  • @Scott Hathaway , UC Santa Barbara

  • @Mallory DeBartolo (Unlicensed) , UC Santa Cruz, note taker

  • @Peter Devine , UC San Diego

  • @Ryan White , UC San Francisco

  • @Alison Ray (CDL) , California Digital Library (chair)

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Desired Outcome







Desired Outcome







record meeting

make sure Alison records meeting





ExL fix for preferred local pickup location coming in December. (UCSC case 06281433). And also parking lot item: release notes review.

Remember when suddenly the default pickup location in the RS request form was the “Resource Sharing Library” after a new release?

The work around was to require a user to pick a library but it would be better if there was a default library inserted into the RS request form.

This reminded me that it would be good for us to review new release notes when they come out. Can we figure out a plan for that?



Alma Release notes; ExL has RSS, may also send to Alma-L; does ExL send release notes to individual emails? If we can get the listserv on that email list it would be neat.

(maybe also peruse primove release)

Releases hit sandboxes ~2 weeks prior to going to production.

Alma Release Schedule

Schedule and actual notes are posted online. You can also access the release schedule via Alma in one of the top menus.

How would we be prompted look at release notes? How far out are release notes available prior to release in the sandbox. What format would a review look like? Would people bring something compelling to the group for review?

Once we find out when stuff gets released and how: we will all review the release notes and bring interesting items to the group for discussion.

@Mallory DeBartolo (Unlicensed) will look into the email release note situation and/or schedule related to release. (+ straw person procedure)

Discuss https://uc-sils.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RS/pages/1980268547 feedback & next steps

document ‘external deadline’ surrounding jobs (eg. this needs to happen b/c “XXX” is due on “xx/xx/xx” at _campus_)

consider: if external deadlines differ btwn campuses, perhaps one+ campus could move forward w/o decision? (Would also assist with understanding/testing configuration points & impact)

another meeting with ExL? → harness all configuration points for this & their impacts (rather than having them dribble in over the ticket)
other possible workaround(s) (eg. ‘statistical user category’?) for anon data loss problem



Not having data makes it difficult to make “data driven decisions”. But what are the data driven decisions that are impacted by this? Important to know.

What level of the shadow data warehouse do we need to support the data driven decisions referenced above?

Since the impacts and configs are still murky we aren’t in a good place to make a harmonized decision.

What’s the workload of a shadow data warehouse vs. implementing a statistical user category?

What’s the deal with the statistical user category? They are labels that you can add to patron records which remain after anonymization. There are a limited number of statistical categories that can be created or used by each institution (10 categories but many values can be inserted so no need for one category per campus, for example). We would also need to harmonize what the statistical categories are.

  • Can the statistical user category be assigned when the Network accounts are built/created?

  • Can ExL say that this will actually work as a solution? That seems important to know before we lean hard on this as a solution.

Next possible steps for the decision page:

  • Make optional or recommended to weigh against local needs for reporting.

  • Make it clear we are pursuing a better work around with Ex Libris.


  • Put on hold/”stalled”


@Peter Devine email Steve Burke to have a meeting re: pursuing statistical user category. Include Jason, Alison (Mallory also wants to go, and Linda Michelle)

Wrap up

Review actions and decisions



next time: RS OSTers pull stuff up from bike rack for agenda!




Bike Rack

Capture important topics for future discussion



‘pu anywhere exceptions’: review shared messages, what would be next steps
metrics on how often ‘pu anywhere’ requests have to be changed to home campus (Jason) → may lead to: editing pu loc for this requests → may lead to: harmonizing bookbands

is the “randomized” part of the rota building actually randomizing things? Jason has a hunch that within the geographical groups it’s creating them alphabetically. (discovered in reviewing schedule c report)

RLF requests sticking at B/LA when RLF can’t fill, identify what’s happening, what could be done to ease this problem Sep 7, 2022

NRLF/SRLF rejected stuck at B/LA follow up: SH’s ‘guide’; test with what B/LA see; more escalation with ExL (scott, Mallory, Jason, patrick)

ExL’s solicitation to “contribute to the Resource Sharing Directory”. Kind of a huge thing that we should think about? (Mallory)

AFN requested items with multiple holds. How should those be handled with respective campuses, so that patrons do not have a shortened loan period? (Sabrina)












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