(Test Load) SCP, SFX, and related resource records handling for eResource records in NZ

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Determine how SCP, SFX, & 360 records, and related resource records will be handled for the creation of electronic resource records in the Network Zone.



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CDL Data in the Network Zone


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R/A = Resource Management & Acq/ERM


I = SILS Phase 4 Cohorts

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Due date

Nov 6, 2020


  • load CDL 360 data into the NZ

  • load CDL SFX data into the NZ

For SCP packages that are unique to SCP (not included in either SFX or 360):

  • SCP prepare separate file & P2E for NZ (of unique SCP records)

  • SCP prepare rest of records & P2E for separate CDL IZ

If https://uc-sils.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RMF/pages/889815245 is decided to be yes, then also include those records in this set for ExL to migrate directly to NZ.

This item pertains to those records that overlap with SFX and 360:

  • CDL will work with UC San Diego to test the strategies for deduping records resulted from loading UCSD SFX data and UCSD e-resources through the P2E process


During Vanguard, CDL utilized Alma tools & exports to create lists of packages identified from SFX, 360, and SCP. Analysis was done to identify those packages from the “SCP” list that were not contained in either SFX or 360 lists. Since most of these access points are unique to SCP records, these records should be loaded in with priority. Utilizing the migration process into the NZ assures these records would be in place at time ExL delivers environment. If ExL is not able to deliver the NZ with the SCP-unique records, then those records will need to be imported by CDL staff after the environment is delivered.

NOTE: While the packages are uniquely SCP, the records may duplicate SFX or 360 if a particular portfolio is included in both an scp-unique package and an sfx or 360 package.

The remaining SCP records duplicate SFX and 360 data, and so should not be loaded directly into NZ based on ExL’s previous recommendations:

Ex Libris strongly recommended to forgo loading SCP data into the NZ due to the high number of duplicate records this would cause (likely over 1 million). The concerns raised were:

  • time during vanguard would be spent troubleshooting duplicates rather than learning system

  • duplicates would filter down to all IZs and into all Primos, causing a very negative user experience

  • SFX data will provide match into CZ, while SCP data cannot

  • SFX data will create available for and inventory groups, while SCP data cannot

  • CDL 360 data has potential to match to CZ (Ex Libris estimates around 60% match point), which may lessen the duplicates from this data set



(see also https://uc-sils.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/PPC/pages/493814340 )

Collections and databases (zero portfolio) identified for migrating to NZ (Test load)

Based on SCP statistics as of 10/24/2020 (excluding MARCive records)

1,294,838 total SCP records minus 130,479 EEBO records

=1,164,359 “migrate-able records” (this includes the 4740 Dacheng brief records since Bie-Hwa is actively working on these, though they may not be done in time for test load)

486,884 records collected based on 793’s and DB OCLC # from the “Coll migrate to NZ” and “DB migrate to NZ” sheets (click the link above for details)

  • @42% of SCP titles would migrate to NZ

  • @58% of SCP titles would migrate to IZ

https://uc-sils.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/RMF/pages/889815245 will also be included in this load.


Can ExL load some SCP records to NZ and also load rest of records into CDL IZ? (link to basecamp); 11/02/2020: ExL reports that they are able to load the subset of SCP records into NZ & the rest of the records into the CDL IZ.

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