Report an Alma / Primo VE Problem

I have an Alma or Primo VE problem, what do I do?

From July 26th - August 27th: please follow the instructions below to report a SILS Alma or Primo VE problem.

For the first month of SILS Go-Live, problems will primarily be triaged and resolved by our Ex Libris implementation team. Future iterations of “report a problem” processes aim to have a robust UC SILS review component so that we can identify and resolve systemwide issues internally. 

In the meantime, please follow these steps if you encounter any problems (local or suspected systemwide) in Alma or Primo VE.

STEP 1: Due diligence

Spend no more than an hour making sure the problem is not user error and is replicable:

STEP 2: Report the problem

Let Ex Libris and the SILS Teams know you’re having a problem.

  • Report to Ex Libris through their support portal

  • If you think your issue is worth sharing widely, or you want consultation with the wider SILS teams, report it through existing mechanisms:

STEP 3: Escalate as needed

If at any time you want extra attention on your issue, please contact the SILS Operations Center CDL Team: Don’t hesitate! Reasons could include but are not limited to:

  • You found a showstopper of a problem

  • You suspect this is a systemwide issue, or NZ issue

  • You are not getting timely attention from Ex Libris

  • You are getting poor or confusing communication from Ex Libris

  • You just have a gut feeling that you need extra help

Other problems: 

I have a problem with Alma-VDX integrations:

  • If you suspect a problem with the Alma-VDX integration (extra-consortial ILL), please report it to CDL ( for triage, as the problem might be in the CDL adapter, or in the OCLC configuration, which is outside of the Ex Libris Alma / Primo VE service scope. 

  • For VDX problems, you may also contact OCLC directly by using the “Report a Problem” link located on the left hand navigation bar in VDX to report any issues with VDX/ZPORTAL (aka “My ILL Requests). The link is available as long as VDX is online and the staff member is logged into VDX.

I have a licensed resource problem:

Follow your local campus practices for reporting problems with electronic resources. A new systemwide Electronic Resources Consultation subgroup composed of CDL and campus staff with electronic resource expertise has been created to consult on issues after Go-Live. Reporting directly to CDL may also be appropriate.

Please check the following links for more information:

I want to request a new feature or enhancement, or, I want to talk about feature harmonization: